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Happy 65th birthday, your computer

..Wow Geek Heaven !! haha…. this machine had an effective CPU speed of about 1000 instructions per second and was the worlds first stored program computer … by comparison a modern Core I7 processor in a desktop PC is capable of about 177,730,000,000 instructions per second !!

Why Evolution Is True

by Matthew Cobb

The machine you are reading this post on can trace its conceptual ancestry back to the city where I live and work – Manchester. 65 years ago, on 21 June 1948, the world’s first computer that could store a programme in its electronic memory – Random Access Memory or RAM – was turned on in a red brick building. Developed by ‘Freddie’ Williams, Tom Kilburn and Geoff Tootill, the machine was able to store 2048 digits on a cathode ray tube. This development marked the beginning of programming.

The machine’s official name was ‘the Manchester Small Scale Experimental Machine’; its nickname was ‘The Baby’. Despite its name, it filled a room:

The Small Scale Electronic Machine, University of Manchester

To commemorate this 65th anniversary, Google has produced this brief video explaining what was involved and why it was such a great leap forward in the history of computing. It includes archive footage and interviews with…

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Hello World

Hi All,

This blog will be for a home for my thoughts on Science , Technology and Engineering topics with a tendency towards those that are significant from an Irish perspective. Its motivated by my nerdy interest in these things and desire to promote interest in these things among others.

It’ll be mainly light and aimed at the armchair Science, Technology and Engineering fans out there.